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Fenn Bridge Pricing
Priced at The Lowest
in The Industry
Innovative technology brings high efficiency and low cost. Together let's enjoy the lowest price brought by innovative integration of the newest IT technologies with traditional government project management.
To run your customized labor compliance program on our software, quote at 925-552-4690.
Fenn Bridge Member Generate and Upload CPR to DIR Purchase a Single Bid Advertise on Fenn Bridge
$45/month (bid notification)
$396/year (bid notification)
$72/month (DIR payroll)
$648/year (DIR payroll)
$100/month (premium member)
$984/year (premium member)
$1.00/record - First 5 records in a CPR
$0.5/record - 6th-25th records in a CPR
$0.10/record - 26th or over records in a CPR
Fixed rate available by negotiation
Unlimited uploading for DIR payroll member
* Send your payroll files to us. We do the rest.