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About Us
Fenn Bridge LLC was founded by software engineers in San Francisco Bay Area in 2011. We are engineers with knowledges in government project management. Our task is to develop inexpensive, efficient, powerful and user-friendly software for contractors, consultants and governments in finding contract opportunities, outreaching qualified contractors, managing projects and enforcing labor and contract compliance regulations.
During many years in serving small businesses, we learned that it is a huge burden for them to track government web sites to find new contract opportunities and reporting their certified payrolls to governments. Ms. Mary Architect is a architecture designer. She does not surf the internet so often and missed a lot of government bids. Mr. Joe Paver is a paving contractor. He is not familiar with prevailing wages. He was fined by governments due to underpayment to his workers. We feel their frustrations. We developed a search engine to monitor all bids in California and notify Ms. Mary Architect whenever there is an opportunity for her. She does not miss government bids anymore. We developed certified payroll reporting software allowing Mr. Joe Paver to check his payrolls against prevailing wages and identify compliance issues before he submit his certified payrolls to governments. He is confident with his certified payroll reports now.
We are talent software engineers. We are prepared to address any requirements from contractors, consultants and governments with cutting-edge technologies.
Our Mission
Our mission is simple: help small businesses succeed in obtaining and accomplishing government projects with the least effort beyond their expertise.