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Fenn Bridge
Fenn Bridge Membership
The more bids you know the more likely you win a government contract. Fenn Bridge members have instant access to all public bids posted in California. See bids before they expire.
Register with Fenn Bridge and get a 10-day free basic membership
* Free membership only includes bid information services. Certified Payroll services are not included in free membership.
Bid Notification    $45/month    $396/year DIR Payroll    $72/month    $660/year Premium Member    $100/month    $984/year
Access all bids in the system.
Receive email bid notices daily.
Free advertisement on Fenn Bridge web site.
Track interested bids in your account.
Outreach over 100,000 certified contractors .
Submit unlimited CPRs to DIR for unlimited projects.
Direct submission to DIR without downloading XML files.
Generate CPRs from your payroll provider's data file.
Batch payrolls/fringe benefits processing in one data file.
Check prevailing wages before submission.
All functions for Bid Notification members.
All functions for DIR Payroll members.
To subscribe a membership, login your account. Click button "Home" on the top of the page. Then click "e-Procurement" block in the page and find button "Membership".