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Fenn Bridge
Fenn Bridge Membership
The more bids you know the more likely you win a government contract. Fenn Bridge members have instant access to all public bids posted in California. See bids before they expire.
Register with Fenn Bridge and get a 30-day free basic membership
* Free membership only includes bid information services. Certified Payroll services are not included in free membership.
Basic Member    $45/month    $396/year Premium Member    $72/month    $648/year
Access all bids in the system.
Receive email bid notices twice a day.
Free advertisement on Fenn Bridge web site.
Track interested bids in your account.
Search over 100,000 certified contractors and outreach.
All services in Basic Member.
Upload unlimited CPRs to DIR.
Check prevailing wages before submission.
Print CPRs in CA state and federal template.
Unlimited users into one account.
To subscribe a membership, login your account. Click button "Home" on the top of the page. Then click "e-Procurement" block in the page and find button "Membership".