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Fenn Bridge Solutions
Solutions That Coordinate
Governments and Contractors
We dedicate to bring cutting-edge technologies to governments and contractors to reduce the cost and complexity of project management.
Solutions for Contractors
Generate and Submit Certified Payrolls Search Government Bids
Submit your CPRs to CA DIR eCPR system.
Generate CPRs from your payroll provider's data file.
Batch payrolls/fringe benefits processing in one data file.
Direct submission to DIR without downloading XML files.
Check prevailing wage issues before submission.
No contracts. No hassles. Deposit $30 to start.
Fenn Bridge provides powerful tools to generate and manage your CPRs at the lowest price in the market.
Thousands of new bids in construction and professional services.
Free email bid notices refreshed twice each day.
Free bid search with the most powerful search engine.
Accurate bid matching with your business.
Free advertisement to agencies and other contractors.
Free 30-day membership upon registration. Free registration.
Fenn Bridge dedicates to provide the most complete bid information to California contractors. Our powerful search engine only sends you the most relevant bids instead of flooding you with junk mails.
Solutions for Consultants and Agencies
Manage Labor and Contract Compliance Program eProcurement and Outreaching
Fully customized interfaces look like your own software.
One account for all your projects through data sharing.
Meet all Davis-Bacon federal, state and local requirements.
Customized workforce utilization reports for all your needs.
Cloud data storage to ensure data is never lost.
Lowest price in the market.
Fenn Bridge provides a software platform for labor and contract compliance programs. Any consultants or governments may run their compliance program on the platform at the lowest cost without reinvent their software. The software looks and behaves just like yours.
Post your bids and documents on a web site visited by thousands daily.
Search relevant contractors registered with any governments.
Send batch email invitations to relevant contractors.
Accept bidding and evaluate bids online.
Check certification and license automatically.
Publish bidding results to all interested contractors.
Fenn Bridge provides the most powerful outreaching software for public project bidding. Our software matches your bids with every relevant contractors who registered with any governments in the state and sends out bid invitations. Your bids will have the most exposure to contractors.