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Fenn Bridge Solutions
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Governments and Contractors
We dedicate to bring cutting-edge technologies to governments and contractors to reduce the cost and complexity of project management.
Generate and Submit Certified Payrolls Search Government Bids
Submit your CPRs to CA DIR eCPR system.
Generate CPRs from your payroll provider's data file.
Batch payrolls/fringe benefits processing in one data file.
Direct submission to DIR without downloading XML files.
No contracts. No hassles. Deposit $30 to start.
Fenn Bridge provides powerful tools to generate and manage your CPRs at the lowest price in the market.
Thousands of new bids in construction and professional services.
Free email bid notices refreshed twice each day.
Free bid search with the most powerful search engine.
Accurate bid matching with your business.
Free advertisement to agencies and other contractors.
Free 30-day membership upon registration. Free registration.
Fenn Bridge dedicates to provide the most complete bid information to California contractors. Our powerful search engine only sends you the most relevant bids instead of flooding you with junk mails.